Name Optimisation

The name you use in this world has an effect on all aspects of your life. It can have a bearing on the lessons and challenges we experience in both the physical and spiritual phases of our lives.

It can also have a bearing on our talents, how we use them and upon the directions we feel drawn towards for example; creative pursuits, physical work, politics, caring for others and any other areas of our lives that require an exertion of energy.

A name change should not be taken lightly and if you are considering a name change or wish to positively influence your life through an optimum name you have that option.

With an individual reading and name optimisation we can look at up to 7 possibilities and decide which works best.

The idea of a name change can appear radical or even strange to some people. When in fact it has been used throughout history by many ancient traditions. A good example can be found within the Judaic tradition – when someone’s life was not going according to plan, if they were encountering difficulties or if they became very ill, a person would receive a new name from their Rabbi. In this way it would be thought that this person had been reborn – or in other terms, that they had pushed the reset button on their lives. Sound is creative. This means that the very sound of your name is also creating your life. There is meaning in the phonetics of a word, just as there is meaning in the phonetics of a name. Sound is a vibration, and spiritual vibrations reverberate with meaning throughout a person’s existence. In this way, any name which you use will create a vibration which is either positive, neutral or negative. The idea with name optimisation is to choose a new name that will bring a positive spiritual vibration that helps your life, that brings a positive energy to your existence on a day-to-day basis.