Business Names

Are you starting a new business and struggling to establish a brand identity that represents your company in the way that you want? Are you already running an established business but want to optimise and increase efficiency? Just as the personal name you use in this world has an effect on all aspects of your life so too the name of your business has an effect on all aspects of your business. It can have a bearing on the lessons and challenges we experience professionally in both the physical and spiritual phases of our business journey but perhaps more importantly, it can have a significant effect on the energies that your business projects into the world and its reception amongst your potential clients and customers.

What is a Soul Plan for Business Names?

Everyone knows that one of the most important areas for any business and one that can make or break a company is corporate identity, branding and crucially in this instance, the company name. From the perspective of the Soul Plan system it is crucial that the name of

the company must be able to relate to the widespread collective unconscious of your target market whilst also being aligned in tandem with the Soul Plan of the key initiators – this means the Directors, Founders, Owners, Sole Traders, Partners etc…

Why does my business need Soul Plan?

You want your business to be a success and to attract the right customers – for this it is so important that your business is sending out the right vibrations and message at the deepest spiritual level. Additionally, assuming that your intentions are positive – you can gain an invaluable insight into the different abilities, talents, goals, strengths and difficulties experienced by all your key employees, prospective employees, business partners, associates, clients and customers. A Soul Plan for your business will allows you to discover how these people interact with you on both a pragmatic and energetic level. It will enable you to understand who is positive for you and your business and in what way that are. This service is available to enlightened businesses who have already realised or can see the logic in a healthy and harmonious working environment leading to maximised profits and efficiency.

What happens during a Business Reading?

– You provide your full birth name as it appeared on your birth certificate for each founder of the business as well the current business names and/or list of potential business names along with the type of business and goals/aims of the business

– The reading should take about 75 mins but that depends on the number of people and names to be looked at.

By utilising our Soul Plan for business, you can dramatically change the fortunes of your business enterprise. By creating a Soul Plan for your business, you can take can take back control and make changes today, that will have a lasting impact on the health and success of your company long into the future.