First Blog

A Soul Plan Reading is the beginning of the spiritual mapping journey. It is a system of soul guidance that helps guide you to align and achieve your life’s purpose – by identifying and recognising your talents, overcoming life’s challenges and accomplishing your goals. By exploring these different aspects of a Soul Plan Reading you will gain an understanding of the experiences your soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime. These aspects help pave the way to you remembering who you truly are – your true inner self. The process of spiritual mapping is based on what your Soul has chosen to realise in this lifetime which will enable your journey to the future you are meant to have. This will ultimately lead to an enlightening insight into your spiritual destiny.

Simply by discovering your soul journey through the direction and guidance of our practitioner, you will naturally begin to align with it. In doing so, you will start the journey toward realisation of your true nature. More and more people are now coming to this realisation and a Soul Plan Reading can be the vital catalyst that kickstarts this process.

The Soul Plan reading can be especially beneficial and supportive for those that feel they have lost direction in life. Do you have a feeling that there is something more for you in this lifetime? Have been asking yourself important existential questions like; “What is my gift? What is my calling? What am I here to contribute to? How can I