About me

Hi there, my name is Samantha, but I go by Sam. I am excited you’ve decided to take a journey towards finding your path in life, whether you are lost and need guidance or just need redirecting or reassurance. I will help you develop your insight and intuition, so you can reach a higher state or consciousness, awareness and understanding. I will be walking you each step of the way!

It is never too late or too early to begin your soul journey. Mine began during a point of change later in my life. As an empath, I often found that my thoughts and actions are influenced by others. I was finding myself trapped, repeating the same mistakes and not seeing a clear path ahead to escape. Since discovering Soul planning, I was able to channel my inner consciousness and find my voice. Whilst working on myself and as a mother I wanted to be able to share my knowledge & journey with those around me. This led me into training as an advanced Soul Planning Practitioner, along with Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki and Health remedies.

Most people often block or ignore their intuition, but it is an important tool in life for our health both spiritual and physical. Our bodies have a way of communicating to us if we are not our best selves. A few years ago, I was able to recognise the early signs of tumour growths in my womb, leading to a personal choice to have a hysterectomy. Through tough times, I have always found my inner strength to keep pushing forward along side looking for answers and guidance outside of myself and use nature a big part of my healing process.

Realising a need for change is where the journey of hope and transformation begins!

A little more about me

Growing up I lived between Northern Ireland & England, during a time of conflict. At a young age, I witnessed my childhood home being bombed, to later on experiencing living a little while through foster care due to my mother’s mental health condition. Even at such a young age I remained positive.

One of my earliest memories of connecting with a deeper spirituality is one where I was pushed off a bridge into a flowing river. I could not swim at the age of 5. I was sucked into a tunnel and remember seeing light and hearing it is not your time. Later I was found safely placed on the Riverbank. This was not my first near drowning accident but my fourth and I was only 5. I believe we all have paths in life and in them lies purpose.

From having a deep spiritual intuition as a child to working as a HR director/ consultant for 30 years, I love helping others and giving guidance. Today, I’ve combined my 30 plus years of seeking and studying to help guide you through one to one Spiritual Life Coaching, Counselling sessions, Soul Plan Readings and Reiki to become more peaceful, grounded and spiritual. By helping you heal through energies or remedies, guiding you through career or relationship help, along with mapping out your destinal path.